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Long Beach Tooth Extractions

Remove Damaged Teeth

Tooth Extractions in Long Beach

Extracting a damaged tooth is typically a last resort, but may be required if a tooth is causing you serious pain and cannot be treated with a root canal or a similar restorative procedure. The extraction process is quick and virtually painless with localized anesthetic. At Dodds Dental, Dr. Emily and Dr. Dustin take a caring, patient-focused approach to extractions. Your comfort is our top priority, so you can trust us to provide top-notch care throughout your entire procedure.

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Understanding Tooth extractions

How the Process Works

Basic tooth extractions are very simple. First, sedation will be administered, if you opt to be sedated during the procedure. Then, the extraction site is cleaned and numbed. Next, Dr. Emily or Dr. Dustin will use a special tool called an “elevator” to loosen the tooth in its socket. Once the tooth has been loosened, it is taken out by the root. Next, the area is cleaned and disinfected and finally sutured shut. It usually takes only about 5 minutes for each tooth to be extracted. Recovery typically only takes a day or two, and we’ll provide you with prescription pain medication to help minimize your discomfort during the healing process.

Common Reasons for Tooth removal

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

The most common reason that you may need a tooth removed is that your wisdom teeth are not growing in properly. Because wisdom teeth come in during the late teens and early twenties, our mouths often do not have room for them to erupt properly, which can cause a number of issues such as tooth and jaw pain, and bite issues. A tooth may also need to be extracted if it’s been damaged or root canal treatment has failed. Extractions can also be necessary to prepare for a dental implant or the application of a full arch of dentures.

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Do my wisdom teeth need to come out?

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. In some cases, there may be enough room in your mouth for them to grow in properly. However, because improperly-erupting wisdom teeth can cause serious damage to your teeth, it’s best to consult with an experienced dentist like Dr. Emily or Dr. Dustin. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Let Us Take Care Of You

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Our team, led by Dr. Dustin and Dr. Emily, specializes in informative, caring dentistry. If you’re worried about a tooth extraction in Long Beach and are looking for a friendly office that will help you relax, we can help! Contact us now at (562) 439-0754 for your appointment, or come to our office at 5580 E 2nd Street, Suite 202, Long Beach, CA 90803 if you’re in the neighborhood.

Treatment Time

How long does it take to get an extraction?

You can expect to spend a total of about 20-40 minutes in the dentist’s chair if you’re having just one tooth extracted. If you’re having multiple teeth extracted, you may need to spend 1-2 hours in the dentist’s chair.
The procedure will take a longer time if one of your teeth has not fully erupted, which would require a surgical extraction. Before your appointment at Dodds Dental, Dr. Emily or Dr. Dustin will let you know how much time you can expect to spend in the dentist’s chair, so you can plan accordingly.

What to expect?

Are extractions painful?

During the extraction process, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort because we’ll numb your mouth near the treatment area. In addition, you can be sedated to ensure you don’t feel any pain during the process.

Unfortunately, you will likely feel some pain and discomfort after your tooth extraction. Dr. Emily or Dr. Dustin may provide you with a prescription for pain medication, which you should fill and take immediately, according to their instructions.

It’s normal to feel some pain and discomfort for up to 24 hours after your tooth is pulled. You may also notice swelling, bruising and bleeding near the extraction site during this time. After 24 hours, you should feel much less pain and discomfort.

The Healing Process

How long does it take to heal after an extraction?

It usually takes about 7-10 days for your mouth to fully heal after you’ve had a tooth extraction, and it rarely takes longer than 2 weeks. For the first few days after your procedure, the treatment area will be very tender. Avoid doing things like using a straw or spitting forcefully for at least 24 hours after your procedure, as this could dislodge your blood clot, slowing down healing and causing an issue known as “dry socket.”

Avoid the extraction site when brushing your teeth and rinse your mouth gently with a salt water solution to clean it. For about a week after your treatment, eat mostly soft foods like soup, pudding, yogurt, and applesauce. As your mouth heals, you can start incorporating other foods back into your diet.

Above all, make sure to follow the recovery instructions provided to you by Dr. Dustin and Dr. Emily. They will give you a detailed outline of the recovery process and guidelines to follow when caring for your mouth post-extraction.

Treatment Cost

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

This depends on how many teeth you’re having extracted, whether you choose to be sedated, whether you need a basic or surgical extraction, and other factors. This means that the cost varies for each patient.

If you’d like a quote for your procedure, feel free to contact our office in Long Beach for an appointment. Dr. Dustin or Dr. Emily will examine your mouth, determine if extraction is necessary, and provide you with an estimate for how much your tooth extraction procedure will cost.

Your dental health is our priority. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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