Periodontal Dentistry in Long Beach

The Benefits

Of Periodontal Care

If you believe that you may have gum disease (periodontal disease), proper periodontal care is absolutely critical for your oral health. The early stages of gum disease, also called “gingivitis”, cause no permanent damage and can be reversed without any long-term effects. If periodontal disease is left untreated for long enough, you may end up losing one or more of your teeth and causing permanent damage to your teeth and gums. Dr. Emily and Dr. Dustin offer judgment-free periodontal care for patients looking to prevent, reverse, or treat gum disease.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Protect Your Smile

Periodontal disease is caused by poor oral hygiene, though genetics play a role in how susceptible people are to the issue. If you do not brush and floss properly, oral bacteria and plaque will build up on your teeth and gums and eventually start attacking your gum tissue. For this reason, we focus on prevention and education at Dodds Dental. Brush your teeth 2-3 times per day for at least 2 minutes, and floss once per day. In addition, maintain a healthy, low-sugar diet and be sure to keep up with your regular six-month checkups at our Long Beach office.

Know How To Recognize

Periodontal Disease

Typically, periodontal disease is fairly easy to recognize on your own. The earliest, reversible stage of periodontal disease is called “gingivitis.” Symptoms of gingivitis include swollen and red gums, bleeding when brushing and flossing, bad breath, and gum tenderness. If you do not get treatment for gingivitis, your gum disease may worsen into a more advanced stage of periodontitis. Symptoms of this include a foul taste in the mouth, gum recession, loose teeth, a change in your bite, and pain when chewing. If you recognize any of these symptoms, call us right away to schedule a diagnostic appointment.

Long Beach periodontal dentist - Dodd

Understanding Your Options

For Periodontal Care

The most common treatment for periodontal disease is a deep cleaning (also known as “scaling and root planing”). During this procedure, Dr. Dustin or Dr. Emily Dodds will use special dental tools to remove plaque and bacteria from between your gums and teeth and shape the roots of your teeth to help prevent further infection. Oral antibiotics or rinses may also be used to help eliminate infections. Other options for periodontal treatment include gum flap surgery, and in cases of irreversible periodontal disease, the extraction of your teeth and replacement with dentures or dental implants may be recommended.  


Your Appointment Now

Gum disease affects more than half of all adults in America, and it’s a serious oral health condition that requires proper care to prevent permanent damage to your teeth and gums. If you suspect you may have gingivitis or periodontitis, contact the team at Dodds Dental right away for an appointment. You can give us a call at (562) 439-0754, or come to our office in Long Beach at 5580 E 2nd Street, Suite 202, Long Beach, CA 90803. We’ll see you as soon as we can, and provide you with the periodontal care you need to halt and reverse the progression of gum disease.

Your dental health is our priority. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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