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Protect Your Child’s Oral Health: Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and it’s a great time for parents and kids alike to learn more about oral health and hygiene.

To help you keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy, the team at Dodds Dental put together our best advice to encourage better oral hygiene habits. Here are four simple steps to protect your child’s oral health:

1. Supervise Brushing And Encourage Proper Technique

Once they’re about six years old, children typically have enough dexterity to brush on their own. To ensure proper brushing methods, we recommend that you supervise when you can. Make it a family activity! While you supervise, make sure your children are:

  • Using the right amount of toothpaste
  • Brushing at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and gums
  • Brushing twice a day for at least 2 minutes
  • Properly brushing the front, back, and inside of their teeth
  • Using small, gentle brush strokes to remove plaque and food material

You should also floss your child’s teeth once per day until they can do it properly themselves.

2. Replace Their Toothbrush Regularly

Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months. A worn-out brush will not be as effective at removing plaque, food debris, and oral bacteria, so make sure you always have a fresh toothbrush on-hand for your child. You can even make a special trip to the pharmacy and let your child pick out their own brush for maximum enthusiasm!

3. See Your Dentist Regularly For Exams And Cleanings

Regular, consistent checkups with the dentist are important for your child. Coming in for an appointment with Dr. Emily or Dr. Dustin every six months helps your child become more familiar with going to the dentist, and it also ensures that the team at Dodds Dental can track their oral health and development.

4. Encourage Healthy Snacking

Try to avoid giving your child soda, candy, juice, and other processed snacks that are high in starch and carbohydrates, such as potato chips. These snacks can contribute to tooth decay. Instead, consider giving them snacks like whole fruit, vegetables like carrots and celery, and beverages like milk and water, which are better both for their teeth and their overall health.

Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month – Come To Dodds Dental!

If you or your child need a dental appointment in Long Beach, the team at Dodds Dental is here to help. At our family dental office, we focus on comprehensive and preventive care for patients of all ages, including pediatric care. Contact us now at (562) 439-0754 to schedule your appointment. You can also feel free to stop by our office at 5580 E 2nd Street, Suite 202, Long Beach, CA 90803 to visit us in-person.

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