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How To Find The Best Dentist Near You

How To Find The Best Dentist Near You

Looking for a new dentist in Long Beach or another area? Then you’re probably looking at hundreds of Google results and still don’t know how to get started.


To help out, we’ve prepared a short guide with five essential steps you need to take to find the best dentist in your area. Check it out now:

Consider Your Dental Needs

Start your search on the right foot by first thinking about the type of care you need. For instance, general dentists can help treat most common dental issues, but if you also have children and want to take them to the same specialist, a family dentist may be more suitable.


You should also look at the types of services a dentist provides, since they may not be identical. This is especially the case if you’re interested in more complex treatments like dental implants or want to improve the look of your teeth with cosmetic procedures.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

You can find all the dental practices in your area by looking on Google Maps, but before that, it doesn’t hurt to ask the people you know for recommendations.


First, you can ask them about specific topics that interest you, from the quality of the dentist’s work to even their personality. But since they know you, they can also guide you in the right direction.

Look at Online Reviews

Whether it’s coming from a friend or a practice you found online, look through some of the reviews to get a better view of how a dentist operates.


Of course, nobody’s going to have only five-star reviews, but you should look for practices that also respond to patient complaints, even those done online. See how they talk to the patients, the types of issues people have with their services, and other details in the reviews and comments.

Check out Before-and-After Photos

These photos may help you get a better sense of the quality of the dentist’s work, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures.Most practices will include some example photos on their websites, so be sure to check them out.

Meet Your New Dentist Before Committing

There’s only so much you can learn about a dentist online or from a friend. So before you make a decision, get a consultation with your top choice to see if you should be working with them.


Pay attention to their behavior, how well they explain their treatment recommendations, if they provide any tips, and other factors that matter to you. 

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